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Marine engine & spare parts exporter/supplier All kind of ship equipments available at a competitive price. We supply/export second hand (New/Used/Recond) ships equipments like main engine, aux engine, spare parts, turbocharger, oil separator, compressor, navigation and communication equipments. Our greater concern on quality will ensure you to get good quality re-usable ship equipments at a very reasonable price. Most make we carry like Wartsila, MAN B&W, Sulzer, Cummins, Caterpillar, IHI, Akasaka, Nigata, Daihatsu, Yanmar, Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, ABB, BBC, Hatlapa, Hamworthy, JP Sauer, Tanabe, Furuno, Sailor, Thrane & Thrane, JRC, Tokyo Keiki etc. Please send an inquiry to try us.

Ship chandlery is a challenging business.TAREQUE ENTERPRISE has an extensive experience in this industry has helped us fine tune our processes to ensure that we provide the best solution for you. Our services include: 1.PROVISIONS 2.CABIN STORES 3.DECK & ENGINE STORES 4.SAFETY EQUIPMENTS 5.FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENTS 6.MEDICAL STORES 7.CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 8.CHEMICALS & OILS 9.ELECTRICAL STORES 10.ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATIONAL SUPPLIES 11.SPARE PARTS TAREQUE ENTERPRISE provides the following services: 1. LABOUR SUPPLY & GENERAL CONTRACTS 2. SHIP REPAIRS 3. NAVIGATIONAL REPAIR 4. GAS REFILL/ EXCHANGE BASIS 5. ENGINEERING WORKS

Shipping Agency ServicesAhsai Marine Internation "A Custom accredited and port non-commissioned shipping agency Company in Bangladesh", we offer all quite shipping agency service to the overseas Principals. We’ve easy accessibility to the key personnel of the Custom, port and completely different authorities for a fast and swish dealing of all necessary formalities. Through our dedicated and skilled employees at Ashai Marine International, we have a tendency to guarantee your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and with efficiency, from pre-arrival to post departure; our personnel pay explicit attention to correct and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement management. We’ve succeeded in establishing the corporate by taking a special approach. We have a tendency to ne'er compromise the interest of our Principals and shoppers.

Ship Repairing & MaintenanceWe can serve our clients in the range of following ship repair and maintenance service available in Bangladesh. We have well established marine repair workshop, technical expertise, class certified welder, fitter, radar & gyro technicians who are well trained from abroad and manufacturer. We are capable to do on site repair and at workshop based repair. We have ex-navy technicians in our workshop.

Ship Supply & Bunker Supplywe were expecting at least some inquiry from your end and at same time, for the scope to render our service for your esteem company here at the Maritime Port of Chittagong by serving your clients vessel being your honored partner. Believe that our dedicated quality service in bunkering program in your valued clients vessel , at Bangladesh territorial waters, will help us to capitalize our total capacity for supplying bunker as well as will increase your acceptance and volume of business. We are quite ready to offer below service to our valued Principals with 100% assurance-

Underwater ServicesAshai Marine International produces a series of special ordered remotely operated vehicles , with working depths of up to 500 metres and with possible tether lengths of up to 1, 200 metres. Ashai Marine International DIVING provides commercial diving services at depths of up to 50 metres. Inspection and repair of underwater constructions of port dock and hydraulic structures. Inspection, repair and construction of passages of gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water-pipes and drainage culverts. Laying of communication and power supply cables. Inspection, repair and construction of engineering water input and output structures. Inspection, cleaning and repair of water input wells. Underwater welding and cutting. Underwater blasting works. CP probe (cathodic protection potential) measurements. Metal thickness measurements. Underwater concreting. Dredging support. Side scan sonar survey. Ultrasonic - damage and crack detection in underwater concrete constructions Ship and floating units in water survey for class