Specialized in second hand marine turbocharger & spare parts supply:

Good quality reusable marine turbocharger & spare parts (second hand & reconditioned) from Chittagong ship breaking yard. We stock and sell almost any make and model two and four stroke engine’s refurbished turbocharger and spare parts which is durable and has long time running reliability. Available spare parts for turbocharger is: Bearings, Bladed Shaft, Casing, Compression Wheel, Oil pump and Centrifuge, Rotor, Rotor shaft, Nozzle Ring, Turbine Blade etc. Components or spares can be available in second hand / used, reconditioned or in brand new condition. We thoroughly check and test every second hand spare parts of turbocharger before supply to ensure it’s reusable condition.

Most maker or brand we carry:

  • ABB
  • BBC
  • Mitsubishi
  • MAN B&W
  • Kawasaki MAN
  • Mitsui MAN
  • Napier
  • IHI Turbocharger
  • KBB
  • MET Turbocharger

Please ask for any type reconditioned marine turbocharger from above maker, we will supply your required turbocharger or parts at very competitive price.

ABB Turbocharger

Mitshubishi Turbocharger

MAN B&W Turbocharger

Mitshubishi MET Turbocharger